The Nishikigoi enthusiast, through their love  and passion for Nishikigoi, and through their continued contributions, help preserve this most precious culture and aft form.

For those who have just begun their journey into the art of Nishikigoi, below you will find a few frequently asked questions, which may help you on your journey.

I have thoroughly enjoyed “Koi hunting” with Alex (KOITAXI.COM) for the past two years. There were no communication constraints, and he’s lived and worked in Japan hands-on with breeders for the last ten years, so he’s cultivated the relationships necessary to have access to great fish. In addition to speaking fluent Japanese and having a well-trained eye for Koi quality, Alex is really fun to spend time with, and has helped make my koi hunting in Japan a dream come true.

—  Steve Z.


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